RF-N Series

  • General Purpose NC Roll Feeder
  • Feeder Mounted Switches Quickly Control High/Low Speed, and Forward/Reverse Direction
  • Change In Speed Will Not Affect Feed Pitch
  • No Need to Adjust Stock Thickness
  • Feed Pitch is Easily Adjusted By Inputting the Desired Pitch Numerically
Picture of RF-N Feeder

RF-N - Feeder

Item Specification
Model RF-520N RF-540N
Stock Width (mm) 10 ~ 120 10 ~ 200
Stock Thickness (mm) 0.2 ~ 1.6
Feed Length (mm) 0.1 ~ 999.99
Pilot Release Stick Release
Installment Left
Feed Direction L. --> R, R. --> L. (Switch Change)
Speed Control 3 Stage (Switch Change)

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